Akumal, the land of Turtles…

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A small proof of what the Riviera Maya can offer you in natural beauty, marine fauna and calm waters. 120 kilometers from Cancun and only 30 minutes from Playa del Carmen is a spectacular and quiet bay with a length of 5 kilometers called Akumal, its clear waters make easy the constant sighting of turtles, schools, manta rays and other aquatic beings that inhabit these waters.

The respect of the flora, the fauna and especially towards the turtles, is part of the culture in Akumal. Turtles inhabited these beaches and waters thousands of years ago so they have habits recognized by all the locals. In the months of April and May they spawn and in the months of July and August the beaches are covered with small footprints of the hatchlings, whose instinct directs them in a furtive race towards the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean. And while this alone would be a great reason to visit this place, there is much more to see and do.


Akumal is one of the most interesting places in the Riviera Maya. This Caribbean town of enviable beachfront homes stretches only a few miles along one of the most beautiful coastal strips of the Mexican Caribbean. Several hotels, restaurants with priceless views, diving schools have been installed here… all in a quiet vacation environment, far from the busiest Playa del Carmen and Tulum. If you´re interested we can book a Private Tour for you and your family.


Snorkeling with Turtles in Akumal´s Bay

Half Moon, Turtle Bay, South Akumal and Prince Bay are four places where you’ll find quiet beaches to tan your skin and swim in a large turquoise pool. If you want to venture out to sea for turtle watching, it is very important to be accompanied by an authorized guide who will give you precise instructions on how to observe the turtles.

Akumal is considered the second largest barrier reef in the world, where you can practice diving at all levels or if you prefer snorkeling. Appreciate the diverse flora and fauna of this beautiful place, which consists of sea turtles, sharks, manta rays and endless fish, also knows the variety of corals.


Adopt a Turtle at Centro Ecológico Akumal

Approximately 1.6 kilometers north of Akumal is this place dedicated to the protection and research of the Akumal Coast and marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Two of the most important purposes of the CEA is education and outreach, so in this place you can find detailed information about local coral communities and other environmental education issues of the place.

You can even adopt a turtle nest, a single turtle or an entire family, with your donation you are given a symbolic certificate of adoption that will help to continue watching the beaches, monitor and protect this majestic creature in danger of extinction.


Yal Kú Lagoon

The transparency of these waters is hypnotic, here joins the sea and the lagoon in a delicate balance, is a safe and quiet place to relax and enjoy the scenery and bird watching. But if you have the right equipment, you’ll find yourself swimming in the company of a variety of multicoloured fish. Here you can spend the whole day with restaurant service, snorkeling equipment rental and lockers.

This lagoon is the mouth of an underground river that mixes with the sea, so its water is sunny (a mixture of fresh and salt water). If you’re a snorkel lover, you’ll love this place, as it’s famous for its crystal clear waters, great diversity of underwater flora and variety of multicolored fish such as golden vaquitas, parrot fish, blue barbers, crossbow fish, damselflies and sergeants. It is located 3 km from downtown Akumal. The site has parking, showers, ecological toilets and a small restaurant.


Cenote Aktun Chen & Cenote Santa Cruz

Aktún Chen is more than a magnificent natural and crystalline pool, because it is actually a park where you can do various activities such as explore caves, zip line, explore underground rivers and observe the flora and fauna of the place.

In Cenote Santa Cruz, you can also find the opportunity to explore underground caves and rivers, admire the capricious shapes of the stalactites and stalagmites of the cenote caverns and contract group or private tours with food included if you prefer.



Eleven kilometers from the town of Akumal there is a dirt road that penetrates the exotic Mayan jungle to reach the community of Uxuxubi. This Little town´s inhabitants live from planting organic food such as pitaya, a sweet-tasting local fruit, the production of honey bee melipona and ecotourism in the natural sanctuary of the crocodile moreleti, where you can look at it in its natural habitat or dive into a safe reinforced steel cage for close observation.

The place also allows you to admire the jungle fauna such as spider monkeys, wild turkeys, toucans and even felines such as the margay.


Akumal Monkey Sanctuary

Conoce el hogar de diversas especies que fueron rescatadas y donadas por un circo. Podrás ver desde el emblemático mono araña, una gran diversidad de primates, diferentes especies de aves como la guacamaya roja, loro gris africano y otros como cebras, serpientes y avestruces.

El tour incluye una visita guiada para conocer la historia de cada una de estas especies, la interacción de 30 minutos con los primates y visita a un cenote. Este tour tiene una duración aproximada de 2 horas.


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