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The Precious Cancun Island

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Is kind of the capital of the Riviera Maya, according to the citizens that still speak maya, its name is composed by two words, Kan that means snake, and Kun that means nest, so the name is Nest of Snakes, and it is true because in the zone there is a great variety of snakes, crocodiles and iguanas; among them 26 types of snakes and crocodiles. Is one of the most important touristic destinies in Mexico. The principal attractiveness is the natural and changing colours of the sea, depending the deepness. If you observe from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, you can notice that around the island the sea turn into a fluorescent tone. The mangles and jungles shelter a variety of species, beautiful and romantic sunsets, but it is not all, besides the natural surroundings, the Hotel Zone is 20 kilometers away, with a variety of Hotels, Condos, Villas and Hostels to choose from, according to prices and the accommodation plan. To enjoy the beauty in this indescribable and beautiful place but with all the commodities Cancun counts with an infinite amount of restaurants, malls and areas of nocturne life. In some of these centres there are shows of excellent quality, we are sure you will have fun.

We give you some examples of places that may be of your interest:

Cancun is excellently communicated by roads to other important points, so we recommend to visit Eco Parks that offer the natural beauty from the Caribbean, in a set of activities and some of them are great level spectacles, where there is a lot to learn about Mexico and the richest culture: MAYAN culture.

There is a museum dedicated to the MAYAN culture.

In this area you should know different aspects: roots, habits, ceremonies, ideologies, organisation and the changes that suffered the mayan culture: architecture. Also you learn about Mexico and one of the richest and more important cultures, the MAYAN.

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Top locations to visit in Cancun, Mexico

Here you will find the most recommended places to visit and see while vacationing in Cancun. Written by locals for the world to experience.


The museum opened its doors in the last stage of the Hotel Zone. It has the most important collection of pieces of the legendary civilization. The first room of the Museum is dedicated to the archeology of Quintana Roo. Its chronological journey begins with the oldest burials that have been found in submerged caves of the Quintana Roo coast, passing through the history of the monumental sites of the south of the State, until the boom of the northern region of the entity or East Coast prior to arrival of the Spanish conquerors.

The pieces reflect the origin, development and change strategies of different cities; the funeral rites, architectural elements, ritual and domestic objects used by the Maya of Quintana Roo throughout two thousand years of history. The hall closes with a brief outline of the conquest, the colonial era and the Caste War that took place during the 19th century. The second room abounds on general aspects of the Mayan civilization: the relationship with the environment; the origin, development and decline of their cities; their economic activities, from agriculture to commerce; the characteristics of the ruling elites and the wars between them; their famous important cultural expressions such as writing and the calendar and some of the rites, such as the ball game.

The pieces exhibited here come from excavations carried out in Quintana Roo, as well as in the rest of the Mexican states that cover the Mayan area: Tabasco, Yucatán, Campeche and Chiapas. Some of these works have been granted on loan by the Comalcalco Site Museum, the Yucatan Regional Museum "Canton Palace", the Chichén Itzá Site Museum, the Chiapas Regional Museum and the Palenque Site Museum


Door of the Mexican Caribbean, this is one of the most recognized and popular beaches in all of Cancun. Your panoramic view is postcard! The Dolphins Beach is one of the best to choose. This quiet coast is the perfect place for all kinds of people who love the incredible water attractions that abound in this paradisiacal place. This is known as a large beach that enjoys impeccable white sand and crystal clear blue waters. It is ideal for lovers of calm, has a tropical climate where you can even get a suitable area for your needs regardless of the season.

You can relax in the shade of one of the many free parasols as soon as you arrive at Playa Delfines. It is typical when you arrive at this destination for the first time, from the Cancun airport to your hotel you will pass by dolphins beach where you will appreciate the beautiful view. This is an ideal place for your family, because is totally supervised by well-trained lifeguards. In addition, it is important to note that the waves are usually fairly high, however, this should not be a cause for concern if small children are kept on the shore.

The months that go from May to September are considered the nesting season of turtles, they go to the beach to lay their eggs and at night they release them to the sea, of course with the greatest respect for nature and with the prohibition of enter the water during this season. Playa Delfines is an ideal place for travelers who have a tight budget, especially because the basic amenities are completely free, among them are: the parking, the entrance, the palps to rest on the beach and even a free area for those children. Moving to Playa Delfines is very simple since you have several options, either by taxi or public transport route 27, route 1 and route 2 which runs through the hotel zone, and also has a stop at this beach.


With white sand beaches, charming bars and restaurants. Board a ferry from Puerto Juarez or Zona Hotelera and enjoy this beautiful place.


In a later period the site gained importance because immigrants arrived from the interior of the Yucatan Peninsula, approximately in the period of 1300 - 1550 AD. of C. The structures that can be seen at the moment come from those times and correspond to the inhabitants that were dedicated to the maritime commercial activities.


At 07 km from the center of Cancun, it was an archaeological site of the pre-Colombian Mayan culture, and it is believed that it was an important place for navigation. El Meco is an archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Mayan culture, located in the southeast of Mexico in the territory that today occupies the state of Quintana Roo, about eight kilometers north of downtown Cancun. El Meco is located on the Mexican coast of the Caribbean Sea, in the municipality of Isla Mujeres, at kilometer 2.7 of the Puerto Juárez - Punta Sam highway. The original name in the Mayan language is not known.

The name of El Meco was probably put by the owner of an old coconut plantation that existed where the ruins meet. The place was of importance for the navigation of the Mayans. It was a brand for coast navigation and for the interior of the adjacent lagoon. In addition, due to its strategic location in front of Isla Mujeres, it is likely that El Meco was the port of connection with the island. The beginning of the room of the site probably took place in the early classical period (250-600 BC), as can be concluded by the vestiges found under structure 2. The first settlement was probably a small fishing village, perhaps under the influence of the city of Coba. In the year 600 d. C. was abandoned and remained deserted until 1000 or 1100 d. C. After the re-colonization in the post-classical period (900-1500 AD), it was likely a close relationship with Chichen Itza, and later with Mayapan.

From 1200 d. C. the commerce of the coast was developed at the same time as lost relation with the main cities of the interior of the peninsula of Yucatan. El Meco benefited from its strategic location as a point of control of trade with Isla Mujeres. This allowed developing both economically and politically. Within the coastal commercial network El Meco was one of the busiest ports on the Caribbean coast. Other important ports in the south were Xcaret, Xel Ha, Tulum, Tankah (located four kilometers from Tulum and Muyil.)

In addition to the position as a commercial center, it also developed as a religious center.After the arrival of the Spaniards in the sixteenth century; the site was abandoned by the Mayans. The Meco is associated with the place called Belma by Francisco de Montejo. This is a place that was mentioned as the site of one of the Spanish settlements along the first explorations of the peninsula. It is not clear, however, that it is the same place.


A shopping place in a casual environment with locals, there are plenty of deluxe department stores, cinemas, restaurants and cafes, located in the new cultural and business center of the city, it is in a new meeting point, artistic, social and sports in Cancun. The Malecon is composed of three important areas, which include Fiesta Inn hotel, housing buildings and a shopping center. It also has the boardwalk to the Nichupté lagoon, public Alameda, the commercial rambla, a track cycle, walkers and sports areas, making this area one of the most important, complete and with greater added value.

Malecón Americas Mall is the catwalk of prestigious brands such as Loverpool, Ultrafemme, Chapur, Guess, Oysho, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Tommy Highlife, Levis, Addidas, Nike, Campanita, Michael Domit, Ivonne, Kipling, Shasa, others. In addition to clothing stores and accessories also includes entertainment centers such as Cinepolis, the ice rink and and to complement a strenuous day, nothing better than a delicious lunch in the area of ​​restaurants and cafes with Sushi Ito, california pizza kitchen, Chilis, Starbucks, among others

MARKET 28 28

This is popular corner with a lot of flavors, smells and crafts in Mexico. Mercado 28 is located in the center of Cancun, if you are staying in the hotel Zone; it is easy to get there by bus or taxi. From the Hotel Zone take the bus that says "Mercado 28" R2 on the windshield, this will leave you one block from the market. On the way you will have the opportunity to get to know life in Cancun.

Once you get there, you will find a lot of things to buy; you can buy them also in dollars. If you do not find what you are looking for you can ask, someone will surely have it. This market has become an attraction for tourism.


Bullring where many internation events are held. This location is surrounding by authentic Mexican and Mayan cuisines as well as some of the best traditional Mexican cantinas (bars).


A tequila Museum in Cancun! Come to know the value of culture and root traditions of Mexico, through the experience and taste of the tequila process.


Casinos are the new attractions of Cancun and are ready to give you all the fun & excitement you may want in a night out.


In 2009, a monumental underwater museum called MUSA contemporary (Underwater Art Museum) in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc formed.The museum aims to demonstrate the interaction between art and science of environmental conservation.


this port offers nice hotels and restaurants to visitors who enjoy quiet and extremely relaxed beaches, away from the hotel zone environment. Several restaurants with thatched roofs exist today in Puerto Juarez, where you can savor excellent seafood.


Take in the view of the Caribbean. Malecon Tajamar is located along the Malecon Americas, its approximate 1.5 kilometers of length, here you can have an incredible view the Cancun Hotel Zone and the Nichupte lagoon.


(Planetarium) It is a scientific technological and cultural complex built for the local people and visitors, to bring them closer to science and technology, knowledge of the universe.

Weather in Cancun

Cancun weather boasts year round sunshine making it ideal for a vacation at any time of year. Cancun weather is tropical and humid with year round sunshine.

68° / 86° F October to March
75° / 91° F April to September

Languages spoken in Cancun

The official language spoken in Cancun is Spanish. Most of the Mexicans working in the tourism industry speak English and you will find that French, Italian and German are also spoken by some. Many of the local indigenous people still speak Mayan as their first language and Spanish as their second, you will often hear them speaking Mayan amongst themselves.

Spanish (National toungue)
Mayan (local toungue)

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