The beautiful island of Cancun, Mexico

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Cancun is something like the capital of the Riviera Maya, according to the locals who still speak Mayan, its name is composed of 2 words, Kan which means snake, and Kun which means nest, therefore, the name would be something like “Nest of snakes”.

This is very probable, since there are a great variety of reptiles in the area, among them, 26 types of snakes, crocodiles, iguanas. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico; its main attraction is its natural beauty of beaches with a sea that varies in tonalities, depending on the depth.

If you look from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, you will notice that around the island, the sea turns into a fluorescent tone. Its mangroves and jungle are home to a variety of species, beautiful and romantic sunsets.


But that’s not all; besides the natural, its Hotel Zone is 20 kilometers long, with a variety of Hotels, Condominiums, Villas and some Hostels, to choose from according to the budget and plan of your stay. To enjoy the beauty of this indescribably beautiful place, but with all the comforts, Cancun also has a variety of restaurants, shopping malls and an area where much of the nightlife is concentrated. In several of these centers are offered shows of excellent quality, we are sure you will have fun.

Cancun is excellently connected by road to other important points, so it is advisable to visit Eco parks that offer you the natural beauty of the Caribbean, along with a variety of activities and in some of them, high-level shows, where you will also learn a lot about Mexico and one of the richest and most important cultures, the Mayan culture.


Mayan Museum

A visit of a few hours to the Mayan Museum offers a total insight into this fascinating Mesoamerican culture, which existed from 2000 B.C. to 1697 A.D.. The museum houses paintings, ceramics, jewelry and other artifacts from various periods of Mayan civilization, and visitors can see archaeological evidence of the famous Mayan hieroglyphics. Admission costs approximately $5 per person, including outdoor access. The museum grounds feature a beautiful garden and the ruins of San Miguelito, the remains of a small stepped pyramid.

Tortugas & Delfines Beach

Of course, don’t miss the wonderful free entry beaches while you’re in Cancun. The city’s inhabitants supposedly love Playa Tortugas for a more discreet atmosphere and pristine quality. Another option further away from the crowds: Playa Delfines, which offers free parking, rare in the area, or easy access by bus or private taxi.

Visitors may find the waves in Dolphins a little more stirred than those in Tortugas. For more populated and action-packed beaches, try Playa Las Perlas, Playa Linda and Playa Langosta, all open to the public and located just north of the hotel zone. The last three beaches are protected from turbulent waters by Isla Mujeres, just off the coast.


Caracol Beach

This is the last beach in the northern part of Cancun; it is an ideal beach for children because of its shallow crystalline waters.

The beach has parking and a restaurant where you can enjoy seafood and typical food. This is a small beach, however it is very crowded as it is next to the bus terminal to Xcaret.

Local Mayan Ruins | El Rey & El Meco

You could easily arrange a One-Day Private Tour to the famous Mayan ruins in Tulum and Chichen Itza. But right in Cancun tourists can also see spectacular archeological ruins.

What is, possibly, an old lighthouse at the highest point of Cancun, Yamil Lu’um (Wavy Land) — aka Scorpion Temple — dates to 1200 A.D. and offers free admission. You could also visti El Rey Ruins or El Meco Ruins, old temple sites and Mayan structures. Watch out for roaming iguanas and stupendous views of the lagoon.


Kukulcan Avenue

The name of this avenue refers to a deity of Mayan mythology who was related to wind and water. In this famous avenue you will find the best hotels and resorts where kids and adults will find fun according to their age, such as a visit to the Interactive Aquarium of Cancun where you can enjoy the spectacle of dolphins and observe a multicolored variety of marine life or visit the Archaeological Zone the King.

If you prefer, you can relax walking along the 15 kilometers of the boulevard, enjoying the landscape offered by its wonderful beaches and the Nichupté lagoon.

Mercado 28

A giant outdoor flea market in downtown Cancun, Mercado 28, has more than 100 craft stalls that sell jewelry, clothing, crafts and virtually any type of souvenir imaginable.

While browsing, locals and tourists alike frequent a wide variety of local Mexican grocery stores and prepared food stalls. Mercado 28 is also the place to go to banks, post offices, Internet cafes and ATMs. Most places and stalls in the area accept U.S. dollars, but not credit cards.

Subacuatic Museum

In 2009 a monumental contemporary underwater museum called MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) was formed in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc. The museum aims to demonstrate the interaction between art and the science of environmental conservation.

It is part of a complex reef structure that favors the colonization of marine life while increasing biomass on a large scale. All sculptures are fixed to the bottom of the sea and are made of special materials used to promote coral life. The facilities occupy an area of over 420 m2 of sterile substrate weighing over 200 tons.



The warm Caribbean Sea breeds exotic fish and coral reefs that are best enjoyed with a mask, snorkel and fins. Withdrawing from beaches and designated shallow diving areas offers the best sparkles of underwater wildlife.

Many ideal locations are free for independent snorkeling, including cenotes (swimming wells with lime formations and coral reefs dating back to the Ice Age, as well as underwater caves), Punta Cancun (with lots of bright parrot fish), Caleta Paamul and the coral reefs of Puerto Morelos.

Nichupte Lagoon

If you’re a nature lover, don’t miss an incredible trip to this lagoon and don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture the diverse wildlife and beautiful sunsets. The entire area is protected by national agencies, so reforestation and mangrove reconstruction work is carried out. This lagoon is composed of several lakes, Laguna del Amor, Laguna Bojórquez, Laguna San José and Laguna Ciega among others.

In this place you will find activities that will please even the most demanding as you can go fishing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, scuba diving or snorkeling. If you prefer you can take a boat trip through the jungle and admire the scandalous monkeys, parakeets and macaws.


Interactive Aquarium

The Cancun Interactive Aquarium maintains 13 tanks, as well as marine artifacts exhibits. The wide variety of aquatic life includes eels, piranhas, jellyfish, lionfish, sea lions, sharks, clownfish, rays that visitors can touch and sharks.

Every afternoon at 7 o’clock guests can see a unique dolphin presentation for no additional charge. The aquarium is open 365 days a year, and general admission costs aproximately $2 usd per person.

Aktun Chen Ecological Park

A day trip to the huge rainforest park of Aktun Chen, which translates from Mayan to “natural well inside a cave”, could be the highlight of a Yucatan vacation.

National Geographic named the caves, which house fruit bats and include incredible fossils and rock formations, among the world’s most impressive underground garden trails.  Activities include zip-lining, swimming in the cenote, lunch and cave tours.

Kabah Park

Here’s a hidden gem that offers a green getaway from Cancun’s bustling tourist chaos: Kabah Ecological Park, nicknamed Kabah Urban Park. With playgrounds, jogging and walking trails in the middle of the jungle foliage, visitors can take a deep breath and fight the heat as well.

What many people who regularly attend the park love most is the wildlife: turtles, badgers, deer, coatis (adorable!), and exotic birds all hang out in the park, right in the middle of one of the largest tourist cities in the world. Inside Kabah, the small Casa Maya Museum displays photographs of Cancun’s past, and Camp Chiclero offers brief lessons on how the Maya produced gum from tree resin.


Nightlife | Coco Bongo

The main site for Cancun’s nightlife parties is Coco Bongo. Drinks run freely but there is no conventional dance area for customers. Rather, the club presents exciting non-stop shows by acrobats, musicians, aerial dancers, conga lines and more.

The air is filled with balloons, confetti and soap bubbles. Cutlery runs on the raised side: $70 usd Monday through Wednesday and $80 usd Thursday through Sunday. However, that includes unlimited national drinks from 10:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m., plus entertainment, so for the party night owls, Coco Bongo could prove to be a relatively inexpensive evening.

Ka Yok Planetary

Much more than a planetarium, this space seeks to bring you closer to science and technology in a pleasant and fun way. The place has a Water Museum, auditorium and observatory.

In addition it does not leave aside the importance of the Mayan civilization in the current world and invites you to visit the archaeological zones of the region. Of course, you can also enjoy multiple astronomical and scientific projections.

Cirque Du Soleil “Joya”

This renowned Canadian circus comes to the Riviera Maya with its show Joyà, which tells the story of a teenager who is sent by her mischievous grandfather to the fantastic search of several generations.

With an inspired atmosphere and intimate atmosphere, you will be able to enjoy a really beautiful spectacle. You can experience the adventure with the VIP package, accompanied by dinner or champagne or just letting yourself be carried away by the show.


Crococun Zoo

Don’t miss this interesting zoo that you can visit in the company of the whole family. The children will love to touch and feed some exotic animals typical of the place and see the demonstrations of the guides with which they can learn about the wildlife of this wonderful state and know which animals are in danger of extinction.

They can also walk through a river of crocodiles, but don’t be alarmed, they are baby crocodiles.

Xel Há

Considered the largest natural aquarium in the world, in Xel-Ha you will enjoy multiple aquatic activities such as swimming with dolphins, snorkeling or Sea Trek, which is basically an underwater walk.

The place, of course, has all the necessary services so that you only have to worry about having a nice day. There are more than 20 attractions you can enjoy, so don’t waste time and plan your visit well.

Xenses Park

It offers sensory, olfactory, auditory and tactile experiences, which can play your mind and senses making use of the elements of nature such as: “water, vegetation and earth”, and with the help of visual effects through simulations, sensorial routes, different thematic settings, circuits, zip lines, animals, 3D films, pools and artificial pools, slides, etc…

You will enjoy a total of 17 activities in different settings. Two circuits, the Xensatorium and the Sensorial, specially designed to reactivate your senses and awaken those you still don’t know you have.


Xcaret Park

Xcaret is a natural sanctuary with a mixture of Mayan culture and the traditions of the local people of this fantastic place. Xcaret is an eco archeological park that offers a variety of activities to enjoy.

Here you can swim with dolphins, dive, enjoy the charra party and the Mayan ball game or just enjoy the delicious food and the joy of its people.

Secret River

Considered one of the best ‘green’ expeditions in Latin America, walking along this spectacular river will leave you amazed. Its walls are made of stalactites and stalagmites that for millions of years have witnessed the passage of time.

During your visit you will be able to travel through Xibalbá, the Mayan underworld, walk through its caves and swim in the river. An experience that will leave you amazed by its incomparable beauty.

Puerto Morelos

National and foreign tourists visiting Cancun are already aware of the excellent cuisine based on seafood enjoyed in the city.

Most of these rich fish, shellfish and mollusks are landed at one of the docks of Puerto Juarez, a picturesque place where they work a few Cancunenses who prefer to work outdoors, rather than put on the uniform of a hotel. It is the embarkation point to Isla Mujeres.


Tajamar Boardwalk

This modern designed boardwalk located on the west side of Nichupte Lagoon has been the scene of various shows and festivals.

You can take a bike ride and shop in some of the shopping malls located along this one. You’ll also find the best hotels and be able to relax while walking along it, enjoying the sea breeze and the fantastic view offered by the beach.

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