Isla Mujeres | The Jewel of the Mayan Riviera

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Located only thirteen kilometers from Cancun (one of Mexico’s main tourist cities), the paradise Isla Mujeres stands on the Caribbean, exuberant for its nature and attractive for the various activities available to tourists.

Isla Mujeres has a lot to offer, as it has a hotel infrastructure with one- to five-star facilities, international and regional food restaurants, bars where you can listen to the trova and the island’s rhythms, beach clubs, Caribbean show, swim with dolphins, turtle farm and endless things to discover.

Today it is one of the favorite destinations of those who seek rest, professional divers and more and more tourists who come from Cancun to spend a full day on the island.


Its constant sea breeze envelops it in a cooler climate than the rest of the peninsula, the sun shines most of the year and its sunsets are epic. This is the ideal place to rest, relax, enjoy enchanting views, white sand beaches in a quiet environment, dive, snorkel, swim, windsurf, canoe, archeology, ecology and cycling, the excitement is found throughout this small great Caribbean paradise.


Punta Sur

In the extreme south of Isla Mujeres, just inside Garrafón Park, there is a unique Sculpture Park where the natural landscapes and the works of art of contemporary Mexican and foreign sculptors coexist in harmony. Punta Sur rises 20 meters above sea level and at the top guards the ancient Mayan temple dedicated to Ixchel, goddess of the moon.

This cliff is the perfect point to enjoy an incredible view of the island and also to delight you with an artistic walk along 23 colorful and brilliant sculptures that interpret the legendary spirit of the Mayan civilization.


Mundaca Hacienda

Isla Mujeres is one of the favorite destinations for couples looking for an original place to get married. Maybe this is because this island bids love from coast to coast. One of the points surrounding a unique love story is Hacienda Mundaca, which was built by pirate Fermín Antonio Mundaca during the second half of the 19th century to earn the love of the woman he loved, La Trigueña; however, she decided to marry another and this brave pirate died with a sad heart.

Today, this hacienda that was built with so much love is an unmissable place for those who visit the island. The place is impressive and has wells, arches and gardens that are definitely worth visiting.


Parque Garrafon

Among the best activities to do in Garrafon Natural Park are snorkeling, kayaking, zip line and swimming with dolphins. The Garrafón Park owes its name to a beautiful reef located a few meters from the coast.

It is one of the best places to practice snorkeling both in Isla Mujeres and Cancun. If you have never snorkeled in the Garrafon Park will leave you a very pleasant experience, as the waters are very calm and practically no waves.

The Park is concessioned and has an access fee, I recommend you go with a travel agency to purchase your tickets. It is located just before arriving at Punta Sur and is open every day from 8am to 5pm. El Garrafon Park also has attractions such as zip-line flights over the sea, kayaks, restaurants and some water sports and facilities such as chairs, swimming pools, hammocks, toilets etc..


Turtle Farm

One kilometer north of Playa Lancheros is the Tortugranja, a place intended to protect the Marine Turtle, which has been persecuted for a long time either to market its eggs or even its meat, which has brought it almost to the point of being in danger of extinction.

La Tortugranja is an area funded by the Mexican government and is dedicated to taking care of the eggs of the turtles that come to lay their eggs on the beaches of the Island. Inside the farm, there is an aquarium where there are turtles of different species. The turtles are divided according to their age, so you can see them from newborn up to a year.

In the aquarium you can observe several ponds with turtles of all sizes for their protection and later release. It is worth visiting the turtle farm on Isla Mujeres, especially if traveling with children as it is a very educational experience.


Playa Norte

When your bare feet land on Playa Norte, you’ll be on one of Mexico’s best beaches. Its white sand invites you to swim or practice one of the water sports on offer. But the truth is that most people who visit Playa Norte simply come to rest and lie under one of the palm trees that you can find here to tan.

There are some restaurants and bars on the beach, you can order a beer and enjoy the fresh seafood sold there. Semi-naudism or topless is allowed on this beach. If you’re staying at Isla Mujeres it’s a good idea to watch the sunrise from Playa Norte, it’s just spectacular.


Playa Lancheros

Passing by the side of Isla Mujeres Bay (opposite Cancun), you will find three beaches famous in Isla Mujeres for their exquisite seafood. In Playa Lancheros you can choose between the tranquility of an afternoon surrounded by waves and sand, a gastronomic experience in an outdoor restaurant where you can enjoy the typical fish Tikin Xic.

You can also enjoy an exciting guided tour by local people among cat sharks that sleep peacefully south of the place. The most exciting thing about this experience is that you can swim among them, as they are peaceful in nature, rare in one of the most important predators in the aquatic world.

In these beaches you can also find souvenir shops, take photographs, buy typical clothes or practice snorkeling to enjoy the marine species that inhabit Isla Mujeres.

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