Playa del Carmen | The Heart of the Mayan Riviera

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Come and visit the tropical paradise in Playa del Carmen. If you are looking for a destination for your next vacation, here we recommend the best places to visit in Playa del Carmen so that you do not miss the tropical charms offered by this destination.

Its incredible crystalline beaches full of good service, its natural attractions such as ancestral cenotes, clubs and resorts that will undoubtedly give you everything you need to enjoy without worries. Incredible landscapes and enjoy in its maximum expression. Come and visit the tropical paradise in Playa del Carmen!


This place has a very pleasant semi-tropical climate; however, May and August are the months that hold the record for the highest temperatures. When visiting Playa del Carmen it is recommended to choose between April and May, as there are usually not many visitors.

In this place you can find a great festive atmosphere, where the fun seems endless day and night. On the other hand, moving from one place to another is very easy, specially if you book a Shuttle of Private Taxi.


Cenote Dos Ojos

Just a few minutes from Playa del Carmen and Tulum, you will find this incredible resort. In case you were wondering, cenote comes from the Mayan word “dzonot” which means “abyss”, and this in particular is one of the most popular places in Playa del Carmen.

With its crystalline blue waters and cavern circuits it offers tours full of natural beauty with two main cenotes of roof covered with waters of an intense blue that produce remembrance to two eyes of intense look, for that reason they granted it that name.

Its porous walls and relaxing waters create a great resting place, being also an ideal space for scuba diving excursions or guided walks along the place. The entrance to the enclosure includes life jackets, where the guided tour is left to the free choice of the person.


Mamitas Beach

Enjoy this beach in the Riviera Maya, an ideal place to relax along white sandy coasts and a calm swell under the best tropical sun. Playa Mamitas is a perfect place to gather in a group or meet new people; it is also ideal for tanning on deckchairs during the afternoon while listening to and dancing with the best DJs.

Playa Mamitas is surrounded by nightclubs that create the ideal atmosphere at night where music festivals, concerts, musical confrontations and many other shows bring together all types of visitors and locals to enjoy the best music.

It should be noted that close to Mamitas Beach, is one of the most popular clubs in the place known as the Mamita´s Beach Club, which offers an excellent bar and entertainment. Its name comes from the nickname of the grandmother of the first owner of the club, unlike popular belief where it is assumed to be due to the incredible women who frequent the place.


Quinta Avenida

It is one of the most visited streets in Playa del Carmen. It consists of a long boulevard filled with many points of interest such as excellent restaurants, bars of all tastes, typical food houses, shops ranging from craft shops and souvenirs to stores of renowned international brands. A really lively shopping center to which it is recommended to go at night because at the moment is at the peak of its activity.

Fifth Avenue is a mainly commercial place, a walk that visitors should not miss because along the way there are beautiful decorated squares and shopping malls, not to mention the nightly entertainment on the part of Playa Maromatores. Other places of interest along this Avenue are the Park of the Founders and the Chapel of Our Lady of Carmen, family and quiet locations.


Maroma Beach

An incredible beach of the Mexican Caribbean. It is named after the resort that is located in one of the most privileged places, more specifically Punta Maroma. A beautiful place full of tropical vegetation and mangroves that offer incredible views.

White sand beaches and a crystalline blue sea along with great service from the resorts located along the coast. Ideal for relaxing walks and enjoying nature and its sounds.



A beach palace just a few minutes from Playa del Carmen. An exclusive beachfront resort with all the luxuries a tourist could wish for: from authentic Mexican shops to famous nightclubs and bars. An extremely romantic place and ideal for unforgettable weddings and honeymoons.

It has spas and golf clubs with complete 18-hole courses, as well as incredible pools at the edge of a dream beach designed to allow the practice of sports such as kite flying, frisbee and beach volleyball. A luxurious location for those willing to pay the necessary for the finest and most delicate attention.



Xcaret defines itself as Xcaret Eco Archaeological Park. It is a theme park of the Riviera Maya that combines the history of Mexico, its amusing traditions, and the extraordinary of the Mayan culture, with nature and its more than 50 attractions. For those who feel like more active activities there are a number of extreme water activities such as swimming with sharks, rays, and dolphins, the “Sea Trek” among others. This last attraction is very popular and consists of walking underwater with a kind of scuba that provides oxygen to the user and allows you to enjoy different species and marine landscapes.

Xcaret’s fortress is the accent it places on the Mayan culture and Mexico in general. It has a good number of attractions dedicated to it in addition to spectacles that are an authentic wonder. Don’t miss the traditional Fiesta Charra, the Mayan Ball Game, the Papantla flyers, its archeological zones, the Henequenera Inn, the Mayan Village, or its museums. The night show Xcaret México Espectacular deserves special mention. As its name indicates, it is a spectacular show of light and color that gathers no less than 300 artists who represent the history of Mexico.


Xel Há

Xel-Ha is one of the largest amusement parks in the world. It is a natural wonder of indescribable beauty. The name of the park comes from the Maya. It means “The place where the water is born”. It is a very accurate name because water plays a central role in what this fantastic park has to offer.

It is an ecological park with an approximate extension of 86 hectares structured around a natural cove created by a set of wells and lagoons. The park has an incredible natural environment with cenotes, caves, jungle, mangrove zone, and lagoons with abundant endogenous fauna and flora. It is an ideal park for snorkeling among hordes of tropical fish, kayaking, hiking, exploring cenotes and caves, admiring the fauna and flora in their natural habitat.

There are a good number of activities and quiet attractions for the more rested, and others more risky for the adventurers. All of them are characterized by their contact with nature. These include jungle rides, bicycles, a fun mini-train to enjoy a quiet tour of the park, a tour of the river Xel-Há snorkeling or with a floating tire, lianas, zip lines, and other rope games, or the popular “Stone of Courage”, a jump to the water from 6 meters high.



Xplor is the best park in the Riviera Maya for lovers of adventure and extreme sports, and those looking for a good adrenaline kick. This park is located in the middle of the jungle and has an area of 59 hectares on the surface and 8 underground.

Here you can enjoy a good amount of adventure activities such as zip-line circuits, 4X4 tours and amphibious vehicles, rafting in underground rivers, or cave exploration to name a few. The adrenaline thing is no joke. It will take you up through the clouds in several of its attractions such as the spectacular 400-meter-high, 700-meter-long zip line.

The park also offers the “Xplorfiego” mode where all activities are done with torches during the night adding an extra thrill and charm to the park.



The park focuses on testing the senses and awakening the imagination. Unlike other theme parks in the Riviera Maya where you can spend the whole day and not see them in their entirety, this is a tour of about five hours.

Its creators made an effort to build a park where nothing is what it seems to be. In Xenses you live in a world of sensations. Their attractions are ideas for you to enjoy sensory experiences of all kinds.There are attractions that enhance optical illusions, others make you feel the freedom to fly through the air, the adrenaline of sliding to aquatic refreshing waters, there are places full of flavor, and also moments of relaxation and purification in a Natural Xpá (natural spa).

To name a few of its attractions you have the “Xensatorium”, where you cross a dark path in which you have to enhance all the other senses, the Rehilete, a maze of mirrors, the Town of Xenses with a house “upside down” that tests your sense of balance, slides to enjoy descending at full speed, zip lines, the Riolajante, a super relaxing downstream trip, or the Lodorama, which will also allow you to relax covered in mud.


Sian Ka´an

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, is one of the best-kept territories in the country, as it is the lung, wall and safe haven for the flora and fauna of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Its name is Mayan, meaning Gateway to Heaven and is located between the municipalities of Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto. It is the largest protected area of the Caribbean in Mexico. Its surface is more than 528,000 hectares.

Different ecosystems coexist here, and that’s their wonder. There are tropical forests as well as mangroves; marshes, cenotes and coastal dunes; marshes and a marine area with a wide barrier of coral. The Mayan groups knew this and that is why they founded here communities of which vestiges have remained, such as Chen-Chomac, Xamach and Vigía del Lago.


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