Tulum | Mayan Ruins on the Beach

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Surrounded by tropical jungle, ancient archeological monuments and subterranean lakes, Tulum, one the the Pueblos Mágicos of Quintana Roo, is one of the most representative regions of the Riviera Maya for its prodigious nature and its little explored beaches.

It is known as a fishing village located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, where tranquility and connection with the ocean are two inherent elements of this archaeological jewel. The bohemian and rustic aspect that characterizes Tulum is its main attraction, which accompanied by a jungle lung and an indigenous heritage, composes an ideal destination for an unforgettable vacation.

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The city of Tulum is located 70 kilometers from the tourist heart of the Riviera Maya and all of Quintana Roo: Playa del Carmen. With easy access from this central location, Tulum is specifically located inside the Parque Nacional de Este, a space dedicated to ecotourism and the animal preservation of the island.

History, culture and marine diversity are elements that stand out in this Mexican region. It is known locally as the most photogenic place in Quintana Roo because of its large archeological zone by the sea. Creations that date back to 1000 A.D. as fortresses built by the Mayan tribes that lived there.


Tulum Archaeological Site

This archaeological site located in front of the sea in the Riviera Maya is one of the most photographed in Mexico because of the beautiful contrast between the sober ruins and the radiant Caribbean.

The main building of the complex is El Castillo, which was an astronomical observatory and a lighthouse that helped Mayan navigators to navigate the Great Reef located a few meters from the coast.Other relevant constructions of the Archaeological Zone of Tulum are the Palace, the Temple of the Descending God and the Temple of the Frescos.

The first was a residential building of the political and religious elite of the walled city of Tulum, while the second is so called by a figure situated in the door that seems to descend from the sky. In the Temple of the Frescoes there are some paintings of fabulous beings that make suppose that the Mayan artists had a great imagination or carried out the works under the effects of some hallucinogen.



The municipality of Tulum and its nearby areas are dotted with cenotes, the wonderful aquatic bodies that are formed by the slow dissolution of the superficial mantle of limestone by the effect of the waters. The Mayas believed that the cenotes were the entrance to the underworld or world of the dead, but beyond mythology, in these bodies of karstic origin life boils, as can be witnessed by the thousands of tourists who go to dive and swim in them.

The Cenote Dos Ojos is so called because of its two cavities that look like the eyes of a colossal stone monster and is integrated into a system of underwater caves more than 60 km long, being a paradise for diving. Other cenotes very close to Tulum that stand out for their beauty are Cristal, Calavera and Escondido. The Cenote Calavera honors its name with a bewitching atmosphere and is located 3.5 km from Tulum.

Also near the municipal capital of Tulum are the cenotes Aktun and Casa Cenote, which are among the most frequented for diving. The Great Cenote is another of these bodies that must be included in the list, mainly because of the clarity of its waters, which allows to observe the stalactites and stalagmites of its interior.


Playa Paraíso

White and smooth sand; warm, clear waters and incomparable blues; radiant and warm sunshine; and the best Caribbean cocktails is what awaits you at Playa Paraiso, for many, the most spectacular sandy beach in Mexico.

This natural jewel of the Riviera Maya is located 7 km from the municipal capital of Tulum and has all the services and entertainment for you to spend a splendid day sunbathing, resting, swimming, reading or sharing with friends while marching daisies, cold beers and pineapples coladas.

In the vicinity of Playa Paraiso there are hotels with pleasant rustic atmospheres, but in all comfort and with the best attention.



47 km from the municipal capital of Tulum, nestled in the jungle of Quintana Roo, is this archaeological site in which stands the Pyramid of Nohoch Mul, with 42 meters high, is the highest pre-Hispanic construction of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Nohoch Mul Pyramid has 120 steps and from its summit there are spectacular views of the immense green carpet of the jungle, adorned by the blue of the lagoons. Some architectural details of Coba suggest that it maintained close relations with other pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico, particularly with Teotihuacan.


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